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Structure & Funding

Structure – bet9注册口 is governed by an Agency Board of Commissioners, which is appointed by the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners. The Agency Board members are comprised of senior leaders from Atrium Health, Novant Health and Mecklenburg County.

Funding – bet9注册口 is not a for-profit Agency and has two sources of funding: fees for service directly from patients and county subsidy. To determine bet9注册口’s annual funding request, bet9注册口 forecasts the budget needed to operate the system and expected revenue that will be generated during the upcoming fiscal year. The Agency generally has more expenses than it does revenue due to a number of factors such as patients’ inability to pay and bet9注册口’s responsibility to provide services that are non-revenue generating (such as responding and treating patients on scene without transporting). Mecklenburg County then funds the gap between expenses and projected revenue.

Mecklenburg EMS Agency Leadership

Agency Board of Commissioners

To learn more about bet9注册口’s agency boards,  see the public meeting schedule

A special meeting of the ABOC Commissioners has been scheduled on June 13 @10:30 am via Microsoft Teams. Learn more

Legend: AH – Atrium Health, MC – Mecklenburg County, NH – Novant Health

Response Configuration

bet9注册口 operates under System Status Management, a complex methodology to ensure coverage.  It uses historical data to predict when and where 911 calls will occur.  All ambulances begin at bet9注册口 headquarters and are directed to different areas of the County as needed.  County fire departments and the Charlotte Fire Department are all contracted with bet9注册口 to respond to calls as our key first responder partners.  They play a significant role in patient care, including cardiac arrest protocols.

NEW! Learn about recent changes to how bet9注册口 responds to 911 calls in our community!

Annual Report

bet9注册口 produces an annual report after the close of each Fiscal Year (July-June). The FY 2023 Annual Report highlights the latest clinical research, performance data and more!


To see previous reports, visit the archive.

Clinical Research

bet9注册口’s Performance Improvement team steers industry-leading research initiatives to identify areas of improvement and improve patient outcomes. Along with internal research projects, such as emotional support animals (Therapy Dog Thor pictured on the right), the team participates in various national studies. Most recently, bet9注册口 is one of 20 EMS agencies in the country investigating new dosing protocols for pediatric seizure patients (pediDOSE), which has the potential to impact EMS standards of care in the future.

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Agency Departments

bet9注册口 employs nearly 600 employees across several departments. It takes a village to support a high-performance EMS system, and we have the best.  Our bet9注册口 family includes Field Operations, Special Operations, Central bet9注册口al Emergency Dispatch, Logistics,  Fleet and Facilities, Finance, Billing, Human Resources, Public Relations, Information Technology, Quality Improvement, Clinical Improvement, Scheduling and bet9注册口al Services. Learn more about each department here!

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